What I’ve sown so far

Raised Beds

The plan was to keep the patch easy to maintain as I am a bit of a novice when it comes to the gardening thing, but am prepared to give anything a bash and see how I get on.

Indoors at the kitchen window I used a propagator to start aubergines, courgettes, celeriac, sweet basil, chives, thyme, broad beans (Sutton and scarlet emperor).  Sweet Peas were put on the windowsill in the dining room and now really need to go into a big pot and go outside.

Saw really nice silver pots in a big supermarket near me, £12 for two, which will be home to the sweet peas.

Having seen an article in a magazine about sunflowers, I’m gonna give a whirl and sow a few and see how tall they get.  It all depends on how much we give here in Bonnyrigg!

My tatties are starting to come up … really excited to see the leaves popping out from the soil.

The herbs are doing well in the herb tumblers, particularly the chicory and parsley.  I may move them into different containers.

In the raised beds i have sown romaneseco broccoli and radish. Strawberries, marigolds, rocket salad and Garlic ‘Marco’ have been planted and all are looking good.

Honeyoe, Elsanta, Cambridge Favourite and a couple of other varieties

Peas and Broad Beans have been planted into wooden containers and noticed today I have something nibbling on my pea leaves …. drat!  Moved them over to the raised bed area away from the hedge as thinking the pest could be the mouse I saw in recent weeks or the mean greenie – caterpillars!

Peas and Beans
peas on the left, beans on the right.

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