You may go “extra what?”

I simply refer to watering my greens with feed after getting home from work today.

A couple of days ago I went to the local pets store and bought some straw for the strawberries to mulch them down.  haven’t yet managed to get the straw out of the car and onto the strawberry patch … oooops!

Needless to say still yet to decide on the hanging baskets … not sure on what colours to choose as there is too much choice!!

The sweetpeas all got tied to supports as the are really growing …. wooot wooooot!!  The broad beans and peas in recent days have also shot up.  And I am pleased to say after worrying about re-potting some of my herbs, I can proudly say they have settled in their new pots ….. whew!!

I have several things I aim to do at some point this week apart from painting the new bathroom.  The courgette plants need to go into bigger pots/containers to grow on.  I need to thin out the basil and other herb seedlings.  The dilemma of the hanging baskets continue!!  But will defo use moss for the sheet between the basket and the soil.  Sowing some more seeds will go down a treat too, esp aubergines, carrots and white lady beans.  This will all co-a-line other chores!!

Will post more photos in the next couple of days!

Cheers for reading xx


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