Vacation – woot woot!

Off for a few days up North, hoping to get a few snapshots ....
Had a raking session on the plot today.  Sadly the aubergine plant has shriveled up and denied existence.  However the celeriac seedlings are battling it out and surviving.  The Caterpillars/ snails have ambushed the red pepper plant  ... may we see any more leaves.  Keep finding snails in the mint pot and keep chucking them out ... this time into the brown bin!  The potato plants are starting to flower .... hip hip hooray!  The Sweetcorn are looking grand, slowly growing.  More pods are appearing on the pea shoots!
It was a bit of a potting session today as I planted rock plants, chocolate cosmos and lily bulbs into all terracotta pots ... brings the Med into the garden I say!
Ok that's all just now but I will try and post on friday!
See Ya!!

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