It’s been a while …

Hello everyone.

It’s been a busy fortnight in the garden. Paolo and I had a BBQ for our 1st wedding anniversary which went well. The sun finally decided to come out in the later afternoon and everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

On the veg patch I have taken out the rocket as the plants were producing long stalks and not many leaves, wasn’t sure what else to do with them. I cut the runners off the strawberries and now the first fruits are beginning to form. I’ll be heading to the garden centre to buy some netting to prevent little thieves taking the fruits of my labour lol!

Also on the veg patch the scarlet emperor runners are producing red flowers, the white lady broad beans are producing the first beans, I picked my peas and will use them in tomorrows dinner. The courgettes in the raised better has established and before long hopefully we will have some flowers and fruit.

The courgettes that I sowed a fortnight ago have all became seedlings and look very strong. Only one aubergine seedling has become established. Don’t know if the other two are going to show. The lettuce leaves are showing good signs. And also the basil seeds too! I am surprised to see the chicory produces purple flowers too.

I was given a established tomato plant at the BBQ, so really need to give that a bit of TLC. Nervous As I want to get a good crop and show Sandro that I managed to keep the thing alive!


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