reaping the rewards!

Sorry it’s been a while but things have taken some huge leaps and now we are seeing the fruits and vegetables of our labour and it’s very exciting!

I pulled out the peas as they were finished. Next time I’ll have to tie the up to prevent them from falling over. Instead of putting them into round containers I’ll get a long trought and that will make harvesting a little easier!

The runner beans are TALL!! They have gorgeous red flowers on them. They seem to be doing well and have plenty of support for them.

Runner Beans - Sky High!

Slowly picking off the broad beans, again maybe a long trought will help next year. They are rather delish!

Pulled out a few potatoes aswell! Sauteed them with the boiled peas and all incredibly tasty.

Harvesting Tatties!

The Courgette plant is showing signs off the small flowers yet to form. I planted three more so will reap the benefits of them later on. having thoughts I may have loads of courgettes and not knowing what to do with them all!!

Courgette Plant

I have been fighting with snails as they have been going at the strawberries. So took a trip down to the DIY store and bought self adhesive copper tape. Stuck this all the way round both raised beds and looks like it is working. Thumbs up! i have been getting strawberries, but no bumper crop …. maybe in the next couple of years!!

Cut some salad leaves yesterday for Paolos’ lunch wrap. Hope he enjoys!!


The oregano has purple – pinkie flowers to my surprise! Hadn’t expected that at all!

Newest additions to the garden are Lavender: munstead and hydcote in pots. They are attracting the bees as well, which is a good feeling!

Not sure if I have mentioned that the chicory has got purple – liliac flowers.

The sweetcorn is coming on amazingly. The height of is phenomenal!! And the fruits are starting to form as there is a husk on one of them!!!!


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