Found it!

Just the same with many other blogs I tend to forget my Password and where I established it – but amazingly I found it and hey presto get you all up to date with my happenings … how lucky are you guys!

Firstly I have been looking for a job since September and now I have a temporary Christmas contract with a retail clothing store.  I delighted I will have something to do two mornings a week other than housework and going insanely up the wall.

To add to that I have been finding time to do jewellery and will hope to have a few pieces to show you soon.

And when I’m not doing housework or jewellery I like to do a bit of baking as I guess you can tell from my first two blogs.

Recently I have made a sponge for my Husbands’ Birthday cake.  I decorated with white fondant icing and then painted the formula one logo on it.  Much to my delight the sponge was so fluffy, light and kept it’s life for a good few days after (mind you it didn’t last that long). 

I also roasted a rather large rack of lamb with harissa and honey served with aubergine mash and satsuma cous cous for the main course.  For the starters I made Wild Mushroom Tarts.  Definitely have made a few notes for future reference on both dishes!


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