This frangipane was devine.  This was from a brilliant find in Peebles – Coltman’s Delicatessen and Kitchen.  I would definatley reccomend a visit. 

My Husband, Mum and I were down at a Farmer’s Market and decided we needed a nibble!  So we walked along the high street and stumbled upon this little treasure!  We sat at the front in the small Cafe/Deli set up with the busy restaurant set at the back of the premises.

We all had hot drinks as was a bit nippy outside. Husbands’ hot chocolate was seriously tasty with a chocolate stick to add to the rich drink.  They serve Illy coffee to which the latte and cappuccino were tasty.  Paolo, (Husband) has a chocolate tart which just made his day!  But my Mum and i had the frangipane with brambles.

And to top it all of the Scotsman had a great few words to say about this little gem:

Check Coltmans out @ 71-73 High Street, Peebles

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