Beyond the Flame

October was a busy time for Paolo and myself.  Birthdays and travel galore that month. 

We flew out to Rome for a trio of Birthdays.  Some of Paolo’s closest friends are from Rome and there were celebrations to be had.

This particular time we were only there for the weekend, so was a very quick fly-in visit but was nice to see more of the Italian crowd and try to figure out what was in general conversation.

Now some you lovely readers will think ” ahh she knows Italian”.  “Erm no” would be my my answer.  Unfortunately I don’t pick up certain sounds due hard of hearing, so finding conversation is quite often difficult.  I do know a few phrases but get lost and often relay on Husband (maybe too much) to get me out of a pickle!  I do try though!

Anyway back onto the visit!  I do ramble! Some of the friends wanted to go out for a meal the second night so we all went to a niche Restaurant “Flame”.

We all had Starters and then pizza to follow.  I obviously had to choose dessert and choose a chocolate fondant, which was lovely!! Sorry no photos (don’t want to appear too touristy in front of the Italians!).  Although I think I went a little over bored … ooops and sorry to those I went snap happy with!

Espresso to follow … who can resist an Espresso whilst in Roma, not me!!  Nice little perk me up!

Due to my lack of understanding the Italian conversation, although I have to say that some of the group do speak English, so need to fear for my that I get left out!  And somehow I keep myself occupied … bizarre I know!  Anyway back again to the main conversation (remember i go off par!!), we go next door to a club, Caffe Letterario .  OK, it’s more a bar with a stage and lots of seating.

Paolo told me that by day it acts like “Stills” during the day, like a studio for artists.  That night there was a band playing, not very good though.  They were all a little off with the instruments and timing.  Cocktail went down a treat though and I always forget that they are so much more stronger than back at home!  Oooo Er!

All in all recommend both places whist visiting Roma!

Flame: Via Ostiense 97/99, 00154 Roma

Caffè Letterario di Roma – Via Ostiense 83, 95 – Roma

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