Soft Shortbread anyone?

Having no working oven since Sunday has quite frankly annoyed me.  So much so I decided to make the shortbread dough.

Now the very important call to Mummy and beg her if I can come across and use her oven.  Permission granted!

This recipe is from the “Lakes on a Plate” programme and is probably the best shortbread recipe I’ve had in my life including the mass produced Walkers!

It also includes orange zest, chocolate chips and icing sugar.  I think the icing sugar helps with the “melt in your mouth” scernario!

Tis very crumbly and soft but very in-keeping with Christmas coming up and would be a good gift, wrapped in a decorated clear bag … let the imagination flow!

Thanks to Kirstie’s Homemade Britain on C4 I am just tormented with ideas and don’t know where to start!  Of course I’ll post my creations up for all to see.

Anyway back to nibbling my “melt in the mouth” Chocolate & Orange Shortbread!

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