Chicken & Leek Pie

Found this little gem of a recipe in a diary that was free with Olive magazine.  Just the ideal size for the entire fleet of handbags lol.

I Decided this morning I was going to conquer this recipe and wrote down all the necessary ingredients on the shopping list before hopping out with Hubbie for the weekly shop.  It’s quite a simple recipe this one.  Most cupboards should hold the ingredients in them.

So,  Chop leeks up (I used baby leeks) and add the butter to the pan and cook leeks until soft.  Then add the flour and stir for a few minutes to allow the flour to cook.  Gradually add the milk and stir to form a thickish sauce.  Add the cream and mustard (I added quite a bit more than the recipe states, #somelike it hot lol) and stir in.  Followed by the chopped chicken & tarragon, stirring until all incorporated and allow to cool a little. Pour the mixture into a oven-proof pie dish,

add the puff pastry to the top and do the egg wash. Make a little vent in the middle of the pie. 

Cook at 170℃/190℃fan/ for 25-30 minutes.

Right, carrots chop chop. And fries.  Yes you did read right. Fries!

Ok, drum roll please … now the verdict:

And it was very yummy!  Hubbie gives thumbs up! Even though the pastry was a bit of a let down as it wasn’t cooked enough, which I’m getting rather frustrated with!

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