bon papillon – back to basics

It’s funny I have missed this little treat so many a time as I use this road quite often going in and out of Stockbridge.  Then I read that is one of Edinburgh Cake Ladies favourite eats!  Ok I think I can forgive myself for the 2nd part of that due to this being my second meet-up with the ladies and gent!

Edinburgh Cake Ladies are going back to basics, solely just to have a good old chat, exchange info over one thing … CAKE!

Right, here we all are, well most of us.  Some in cake spirit, one with cake and lots who bought a piece of cake!

The lovely, Lea Harris (aka Bakersbunny on twitter) hosted the event and thanks to Ingrid and Stuart (Bon Papillon’s owners) for allowing us to take over the room with abundance of chat over their truly scrumptious menu choice of cakes and beverages.  I choose the Chocolate & Beetroot Loaf.  I was very surprised!  i did not expect such a moist and rich, chocolatley treat and boy, it was divine – so much so i begged Stuart for the recipe!  The coffee was lovely too, although i fell in love with the mug it was served in!  Divine all round and the bill came under £4.00!  I would’ve went for a second dose of the cake … I tell you it was good!

I really couldn’t find fault this little heaven.  Lovely gallery to find a painting to favor, with cake and company to smile with. 

Looking forward to Edinburgh Cake Ladies event in February … more cake and more chat!


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