Sticky Toffee

Oh yeah!  Toffee & Date Cake w/ Caramel Sauce

I arrange a lunch with my closest friend, Laura.  Wanting to keep it simple and not heavy and had to remember there was certain foods a pregnant Lady shouldn’t touch!

So like most things, I leave it to the last moment and frantically think of what to cook and bake.  I know I can improvise quite well and I always like to try something new on people.  I think that comes off as showing off, but who cares? I don’t as I love to share!

Soup was on the brain as November’s weather decided to take the plunge on Friday to cold, wet and windy … quite frankly HORRIBLE!  So armed with two onions, a couple of garlic cloves, mild curry powder, 4 carrots, 4 parsnips, stock (I used chicken) and water I blended the ingredients together to make a nice warming soup with slight kick to warm these bones!  I served it with Sour Dough (shop bought as left it to the last minute).

The soup I’ve done before so it changes every time I make it.  But I must admit this one is for keepers as it’s got depth!

Now for the pudding … I have stacks of magazines in the house and one of which I can’t bear to get rid of is the good food baking spring edition.  packed full of inspiring recipes I stumble onto a honey loaf recipe but also have a toffee apple cake recipe in November’s edition of good food magazine.  The caramel sauce from the toffee cake recipe sways me in that direction … I blame the sweet (very) tooth maybe the whole set of teeth (oh dear)!

Ok from the time i have got I skip the apple bit that goes on the top part of the sponge (maybe next time I’ll give it a go).  Peeling apples doesn’t really appeal to me.  Cake batter contains light soft brown sugar, S R Flour, baking powder, dates (de-stoned and blended into a paste), 4 large eggs (I used ducks, first time ever!), softened butter and vanilla extract.  It took 45-50mins to bake.  I had the option to use the oven without the fan. I used a 20x30cm tin and managed to get 15 portions.  Happy days.  Oh the sauce – simple really, toffees and milk.  Stir in a pan a handful of toffees and a good splash of milk until combined (it looks like caramel) and then pour over a portion of cake …. DELISH.  You are now entering food heaven!

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