Beeting the batter!

My first tasting of Beetroot and Chocolate Loaf was at the recent Edinburgh Cake Ladies “Back to Basics” Event and was completely won over.  Bon Papillon‘s version was totally delish and after having one slice I was craving another!  However I did not succumb to my cravings and came away from the event digified! 

But the cravings kept building and now I have just baked TWO Chocolate and Beetroot Loafs! Must admit my food processor didn’t enjoy the mixing and may have burnt out the motor!  I doubled the batch (cravings got me a weeee bit carried away!) and that may have been the problem! I also managed to get the mix all over the worktop and down the front of the cupboards and onto the floor!

The loafs are out of the oven and look yummy.  The smell is heavenly!  I can’t wait to cut a slice, drizzle some honey and sprinkle it with icing sugar!

And here it is … it is delish!

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