Where the wild garlic grows …

Trying to burn off all these cake calories is a effort and a half, but Mr C and I decided today was not going to be a “slob around day” and go out and enjoy the rare sunny weather we get here in Edinburgh.

We had several choices but decided on Dalkeith Country Estate.  It’s officially open April through to October but the gates are always open for the public to explore and enjoy.

Parts of the Estate date back to the 12th Century and James Smith, Scotland’s leading architect, was commissioned to build the Palace in it’s present form during the period of 1701-1711.


We walked past the Palace and came to Montague Bridge where we followed a trail through the woods along the North side of the River Esk.  The scent of Wild Garlic was in the air!


The conservatory is in a sad state of affairs but ever since i was small I remember being able to walk inside it and run under it in it’s tunnel with my brother.  Now it’s just stading waiting on some tlc.  It’s a lovely piece of architecture and hopefully soon it will get restored to it’s former glory and hold high teas!


To my amazement we found the caves!  Brings back good memories!  Kind of Narnia in a way!

It’s always nice to go and have a wander on days like these!


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