Getting Tarty with the Edinburgh Cake Ladies!


Mimi’s Bakehouse was the place to be on Wednesday 21st March to Get Tarty!

The last few Edinburgh Cake Ladies themed nights cakes have been the show stoppers but this time the Cake Ladies opted to go to a land for many of us is a scary one – wait for it …. TART Land!

For me pastry is a balancing act!  I have had the dreaded “soggy bottom” or the “burnt to a crisp” tart!  I do sometimes cheat and go for shop bought especially when when it comes to filo or puff!  But this time I had to stick to my guns and make the pastry from scratch!

Practicing my base was the key to success, I’m sure you would all agree.  I had decided on the chocolate caramel tart but wasn’t too sure on the chocolate base, as the last attempt turned out burnt and bitter, so opted for a plain sweet pastry.  I would call this “playing it safe” as didn’t have much time this week to retify any mistakes or damage!

They were only two savoury tarts and both were very delicious. Plus they cut through all the sweet tarts as after a while you can imagine the sugar high after 6 slices!


                               Caramalised Onion and Mustard by Amy was Yummy!


                      Lisa’s Tart was Bacon, Brie and Goldcrest Tomato and I want more!


                                             Wendy’s Blood Orange Tart was Devine! 

                                 To the point I had to ask her for the recipe, it was that good!


                                   Stephanie’s Rich Chocolate and Raspberry was delish!


             Intrigued by the Italian Name I had to try Michelle’s Crostata Facile de Albiocche


                             This Orange Iced Mincemeat Tart was a winner by Alison P!


                    I’m a lover of chocolate oranges, so Alison’s Tart hit all the right notes!      


                                              This is my Chocolate Caramel Tart                                  


Lea’s Passionfruit Meringue and Fiona’s Pumpkin Pie – were a few of the tarts i didn’t get to taste and now I am kicking myself for not having enough room!  Mind you, Lea’s went so fast!


                                              All Tarts in view! Spectacular!

I did try most Tarts and the ones I did eat were all yummy and the Pastry was all GOOD!

        Whether it Tarts or Cakes, Edinburgh definitely has a Talented bunch of Ladies!

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