Busy Bee …

The title says it all!

The last few weeks have been filled with activity from Edinburgh Cake Ladies Meet Ups and Supper Clubs to baking bread and making jewellery.

Last Saturday I went to Bluebell Design Studio which is situated across the water in Crossgates, Fife to attend a ring making class.  This is my third time doing a course which involves PMC (Precious Metal Clay) and I do enjoy what finished items are created. 

PMC is a modelling clay like substance where precious metal particles – gold or silver – are enveloped in an organic binder to make very pliable lumps or strips of clay.  It was designed by Misibushi in the 1980s.  Once you’re design has been created , the clay is fired at a high temperature,using a kiln or a butane torch (I rather get a kiln to do this part, don’t trust myself with a flame!), the organic binder burns off, the precious metal particles fuse & the final creation is a beautiful piece of jewellery!

The last two courses were also at Bluebell Design Studio.  I attended the Beginner’s Course twice as I just felt i needed to remind myself of the important fundemental steps due to having a huge gap of not using PMC for a while.  I choose to do the ring class after talking to the lovely Emma Gordon, who runs the studio and needed to do something different other than making charms or pendants and this seem to be the next step!

With patience of a Saint, Emma works with up to 4 students on each course helping them create a wonderful piece(s) of work to fire and then take home (in most cases)!

Here is what I made:


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