This Daily Bread

If you have been following my posts, yesterday I baked a couple of loaves but only showed the loaves on the second proving (rise)!

On twitter I asked if anyone could give a flavour hint as I was stuck and @21_urbhousewife gave a few good combinations to get me started!

I then decided to do a cinnamon & raisin loaf and a oregano loaf.  The smell of cinnamon is by far one of my favourite smells, it’s just a comfort thing!  And again oregano is one herb that I use a lot!

So the first proving …


Not much rise … think the cold kitchen/not much sun streaming in and old fresh yeast were the problems but hey lesson learnt!

After kneadinng and adding the flavours I left the loaves to do their thing for an hour or so.


I then popped them in them in the oven at 180℃ for about 20 mins but should of left it for about 5 more.

Here’s a few piccies of the finished loaves –


                                  Needs more cinnamon – smells like heaven!

                                          I think I will add golden syrup later!


                                This Oregano Loaf will go lovely with Tomato Soup!


                                                          Ready to Eat!

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