Sacher Torte

Well it all started with being told to book the evening and the following day off.   Then it was announced yesterday that I had to pack an overnight bag!  Oh my, what was Mr C up too?

So with bag ready and glad rags on, we caught the bus into town and got off on George St. Walking towards Charlotte Square, passed Registrar House then we walked along the beautiful curved crescents of Drumsheugh Gardens and onto Rothesay Terrace where the first part of my surprise was!  We were outside The Edinburgh Residence Hotel! OMG – shell shock is an understatement!

The lavish 5 * Hotel is situated on Rothesay Terrace and is a collection of 29 luxury town house suites.  When we checked in, a member of staff showed us to our room, to where a bottle of champers was awaiting … another surprise by Mr C!  Kinda taken aback by the surprises so far, I was stunned into silence!



Dinner wasn’t until later on, so we sat drinking champagne for an hour or so and chilling out.  We then got ready and left the hotel to head to the restaurant.

I still had no idea where we were going to eat and Mr C was loving it!  All I knew that we hadn’t been there before and the food was meant to be good! 

From the hotel we walked back to Randolph Crescent and along Great Stuart Street, Ainslie Place, St. Colme Street and onto Queen Street where we turned onto Castle Street and arrived at “The Honours” Restaurant.

WOW!  OMG!  Flippin Henry!

Lets just say the food was amazing and I have a husband who is brilliant!  Talk about spontaneous!  There is a handful of good guys out there and I am truly blesssed to be married to one of them!

To start I had a Rillettes of Pork and Duck, with Spiced Prune Chutney, Cornichons and Toasted Hazelnut which was like a Terrine and Mr C had the Chef’s salad, which he really enjoyed. Then onto the main course with Calves Liver with a Pommes Puree and Shallot Jus served with Sides of Creamed Spinach with Parmesan and Nutmeg and a seasonal Pea and Mint Puree, whilst OH had the Ox cheek which i can safely say was “melt in your mouth DEEEEVINE”!


Now most of you should know by now I do have a sweet tooth and it’s on a rare occasion I turn them down.  But this was not one of these occasions as I was won over by the Mango Souffle’!  It was so light and served with “I want more” Chocolate Ice Cream!


Mr C: I just want to thank you for a brilliant evening. You and everthing else was amazing!  I love you! And you have not only earned brownie points but Sacher Torte Brownie Points!



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