A Sweet Ending to a Perfect Weekend!

After being Whizzed into town by Mr C on Friday night for the EPIC surprise that I still shake my head at in shock, I had a small marathon of garden centres to visit today with my Mum aka Mummy Fi.

We started off at Klodedyke, Mortonhall as my Mum wanted an archway for her garden.  Whilst looking for them I felt myself being drawn to magnolias and blossom trees … don’t what it is but something is definitely in the air!

The plan was to visit two small plant nurseries in East Lothian and see what plant stock they had.  First stop was Macplants, Pencaitland as we last saw them at Inveresk Garden and they had a beautiful range of plants on offer and wanted to pop down and see the bigger range!  Again the Magnolias were drawing me in and the range of Christmas Roses (Helleborus) to you Gardeners!  But in the end I feel for a small tree – Exochorda x macrantha ‘The Bride’ Pearl bush!

Why?  Well there is a story behind this and to me it’s now sentimental.  My Gran has a bush in her garden way up in Aviemore and on my wedding day there was a stem of this bush going through my bouquet! So now i have one and I hope it will grow at the front where i have build up a log edging border.  The last few years my Gran’s mobility have drastically slowed down so in a way I have part of her near to me!  Gran is a fantastic lady, passionate in every way and so caring!  I love her to bits!

Right, before I start sobbing …

Leaving Mac Plants, we then headed to East Linton where Smeaton Nursery Garden is situated.  It’s lovely old high walls and long traditional green houses tell stories.  Places like these have a lovely character. 

We noticed that there is a tearoom situated and head straight down there for a spot of lunch!  Mummy Fi went for coffee, Ham & Mustard Sandwich and a Cranberry & Orange Scone, whilst I opted for a Earl Grey, Tuna & Cucumber Sandwich and the same Scone!  Lets say I’m a sucker for a scone!  £6 Each for the cream tea, which isn’t bad although some garnish could go with the sandwiches.  The Cranberry & Orange Scone was delicious smothered with Strawberry Jam!


                                 Cranberry & Orange Scone with a cuppa Earl Gray!

I picked up some bedding plants for the front garden and original clay potting pots that were used in the old potting shed which is now the Tea Room!  I’ve been looking for pots like these in years and they are proper vintage pots – love ‘em!

Mummy Fi bought a grass and some violas … which in doubt add colour to her ever-growing ‘Jungle’ – no kidding there!  it seems expand everything i go round!

On the way back home we stopped at Falko in Gullane.  if you haven’t been yet – GO! They have a Branch in Bruntsfield, so no excuses!  The place was packed, so opted for some cake to takeaway. 



                               Falko’s NEW Lemon and Blueberry Slice – DELICIOUS!

This has been a Perfect Weekend filled with love, plants and cake! SWEEEEEET!


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