A very sweet week!

The last week has been filled with cake after visiting a few of the cafes on my hit list!  Slowly but surely I am getting through them!

Finally after a few failed attempts trying to get along to the monthly morning meet up by the Edinburgh Cake Ladies I made it to the May social gathering!  This time it was placed at Leo’s Beanery on Howe Street.

We all huddled into one of the back rooms and ordered our beverage and most importantly cake of choice and introduced ourselves to new faces.  I finally met Emma from Cupboard Vintage and Evelyn from Charlie & Evelyn’s Supper Club.  I also caught up with Lea aka @bakersbunny and Sophie aka @pleasebringcake and met the lovely @loulouella who was also a first time social meet up too!

My cake choice was the carrot cake which was moist and tasty right through!  The flat white was also delicious too! In fact all the cakes were highly commended and no crumb left!

We had a lovely selection of baked goods from Suki Bakes to taste and comment on and also we were given a lovely mini lemon cupcake from Leo’s too!  CAKE FEAST!



After leaving leo’s, Lou and I chatted all the way up to George st and headed our separate ways!  I eventually spotted Frederick’s coffee shop and will head there soon!  Watch this space! 

Knowing I had to find a traditional ice cream scoop I headed along to Lakeland and wasn’t amused when they were out of stuck of them.  So hopped onto a bus to grab some tasty lunch at one of my favourite independents!

Normally I would opt for the classic burrito at Illegal jacks, but since they had the lunch time deal on it was an offer to had to turn down!  The lunch time deal is a small but still a jammed packed burrito with the regular delicious ingredients and a soft drink.  I opted for chicken as my meat and added extras (guacamole and cheese).


After the burrito feast, I had an appointment with Scott & Danielle at Right Proportion.  the are doing the branding and design for my new venture – Mrs C’s Cakes.  They came up with two wonderful designs and I have chosen one which reflects me and my venture to a t!  Really excited to see the next step, which will be the website graphics to come alive!  BTW We aim to have Mrs C’s Cakes up and running by the end of July! 

So a couple of days later I met up with my Mum and we went to Dough Re Mi, where I’m not sure where i got the idea from that was a cafe …

Yes I know what some of you are thinking!  It’s just a bakery!  It’s a shame as I would have definitely had a cupcake and coffee!  Anyways both Mum and I purchased loaves and headed up to Falko!

Falko was busy! But we were lucky to get seats and ordered.  I had a zesty lemon tart and mum had a carrot cake!  But did feel that the waitress was rushing us into order!!  We can all have our bad days but not when it comes to a paying customer!  Never the less as usual Falko’s cakes were scrumptious as ever!

Mental note: Must drop by and get some cupcakes next weekend from Dough Re Mi!

Saturday night, Paolo and I went into town to the best Italian Restaurant – Centotre!  We were meeting one of my best friends from school days and her fiance.  All of us ate every bite of the three course meal!  everything was cooked to perfection!  I thoroughly enjoyed my calamari and ravoli with deep fried stuffed courgette flowers as a side order.  The chocolate torte was heavenly!

We then hit the Living Room for some much needed Cocktails – we all enjoyed ourselves choosing old favourites and trying new mixes!

No rest for the wicked, as we were to head over to Mr C’s brothers’ place to have lunch with him and my Mother In law, Ann.

Ann cooked us a lovely Sunday roast of pork and all trimmings with Trifle for dessert!  Boy it was good!  Boy was I feeling FULL!  After lunch we all heading up to Ann’s lovely newly purchased flat where you can get a stunning viewing of the Calton Hill monument!



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