tasty day!

Yesterday I had a food fling and visited the newly opened Love Crumbs at West Bow.  I love the interior and how they have used the space and props.  I ordered a flat white and Carrot Cake.  The cake was nutty but very nice!  I was eyeing up the lavender madeleines but opted to try them another day!  (I must fit into my holiday clothes as my holiday to Amsterdam is in just over a week!!)  On that note, the lovely girl with red hair (you know who you are!) gave me a tip for Amsterdam and have found it in my guidebook!



Since I was in the vicinity I headed up to Hula Juice Bar for a much needed vitamin intake and ordered the “whirling dervish” smoothie!  I’m trying to shake this cold off and I think it’s had some effect!  So thanks Hula Bar for being there!

After my fruity delight I crossed to road to two new wee shops – The Golden Hare and black box.  the golden hare is a small but dainty bookshop full of lovely books!  And the Black box has some lovely jewellery, prints and much more!  And I finally visited Hannah Zahari, Candle Maker row too!  HZ is fully of quirky things for presents!  In fact this my new favourite shop!

After HZ I walked up Candle Maker Row and headed down chambers street towards Dovecot Cafe by Stag Espresso on Infirmary Street.  This space is chilled out and had the odd group of students but plenty seating. 

Stag Espresso’s menu was hard to choose from as all sandwiches sounded yummy!  I eventually choose the Salmon & Cucumber Sandwich, which came on lovely fresh brown bread.  I had a Florentine too – tis was tasty!  I just stuck to the water they gave to me in the bottle, which i must of needed as I drunk it all!



Yes a very satisfying tasty day!

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