Street Food by Chai Lounge


I had been after a seat at this very sought after Supper-club for a while and like Burger Burger and  Charlie and Evelyn’s it sells out FAST!  Finally I have the chance to tuck into Menna’s offerings at Chai Lounge! 

For those who don’t know this Supper Club, Meena uses locally sourced ingredients where possible, to create lovingly homemade Indian style dishes.

Our theme for the evening was “Street Food”.

As we arrived we were greeted by a lovely tea cup of Prosecco infused with Rose petals and cardamon.  Who would of thought the combination went so well – this could get addictive!

After introducing ourselves to the other guests we were guided to our tables, which wonderfully decorated with the candle, place mats and glasses – had a monsoon feeling about it!


Our first course was a melody of infusions.  It had three little offerings: Pani Puri, Dahi Vada and Potato Vonda – all exceptional in flavours.  Pani Puri came with a sauce to pour into the hole.  It worked so well as it tamed down the flavours but left a little kick afterwards.  Dahi Vada came in a small glass with a yogurt dressing flavoured with cumin and chilli, which was really wetting the appetite as well as the Potato Vonda and it’s dip!


Straight after that triple delight was the soothing Mango ice sticks flavoured with Chilli & Lime.  It worked really well, cleansing the palatte ready for the next course.


The Keema Pav was almost like a Lamb Burger, but the meat was still in mince form – it had a lovely kick from the fresh chilli.


Next up, was Corn on the Cob spiced with Chilli Flakes, lime and Salt and Pineapple Bites sprinkled with Paprika and salt.  Both were refreshing but had a hint of of spice to liven them up!


Following that, was my favourite of the night – Chicken Kati Rolls.  A lovely wrap which was made up of Spicy Chicken rolled up up in an Egg Paratha with fresh mint chutney, chilli sauce, onions and peppers.  Meena can make me them any time – perfect lunch wrap!


Whilst we were eating, Meena was making the masala dosa beside us in the living room on a small hob – the exact essence of street food, which was a lovely touch!  The Masala Dosa was finished with potato tossed in mustard seeds and curry leaves served with a heart warming spicy vegetable sambar and on the side was a refreshing coconut chutney.  I couldn’t refuse when we were offered a second helping of this … lovely!


For dessert was a lovely cool rose jelly served with vermicelli, tukmaria seeds and almonds.  Not normally a jelly fan – i ate it all, so that’s saying something!


After the jelly, came Chai served with a rose and cardamon nankhati.  The biscuit was almost like shortbread texture.  A lovely finish to a spice infused evening!


I wasn’t disappointed after the wait of trying to get on this supper club experience and  I will gladly go back! 

Thanks to Meena, I have sampled a different way of eating Indian cuisine and loved every bite of it!

Meena’s Chai Lounge can be found at:

                                                         Read more about Supper by Chai Lounge on Edible Experiences


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