Oh I do like to be by the …



Yes, a few hours were spent in Portobello with Mum, trying out small independent cafes and strolling along the High Street and Promenade.

At first the plan was to go to Stockbridge and try out Patisserie Madeleine but that was scraped as unfortunately I didn’t realise until we got there it was shut Mondays and Tuesdays – Opps a daisy!

A quick Flat White at Maxies in Stockbridge and a little research with thanks to Will Travel For Cake’s Blog, we were on our way to the Seaside Town of Portobello.

Mum and I decided to try The Beach House for Sandwiches and something refreshing to drink.  We ordered two different sandwiches and went 50/50.  One was lemon Chicken and the other was a focaccia toasted with mozzarella, tomato and pesto, both were served with salad which had a really nice dressing!


We didn’t stay long as we sat outside on the promenade and the sun disappeared behind the clouds making it a tad chilly!

We walked along the promenade and cut up the streets heading back to the High Street and popped into Annie & Belle’s Cafe.  Really nice little cafe and a good espresso!  I opted for a Rocky Slice which was light … delightful as usually sometimes too heavy!


Quite funny as one of the Ladies kept looking at me and I back at her!  Turns out we both crossed past in a previous employment!  Hopefully we will cross paths again once my new venture, Mrs C’s Cakes gets up and running!

On the way back, we popped into Newhailles Nursery, Musselburgh and walked away with several new additions to our Garden!  Brilliant value and the guy is very helpful as he showed me how to take cuttings from a geranium, which has a scent of lemon!

Love a day out with my Mum xx


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