Four days of utter Heaven

I can say it’s not been short of cake this weekend and I’ve enjoyed every bite of each one!

It all starts on Thursday with a last minute drop in at Patisserie Madelaine on Raeburn Place, Stockbridge.  I was collecting my FIL from Mr C’s Brothers’ flat and made the excuse to pop in as it was just 5 mins away!!


                                                             Macarons Ahoy!

Ending up with 12 macarons, 4 differant kinds (one for each of us) – Strawberry, violet, chocolate & caramel.  I think the strawberry was my favourite, but all were Divine!  Mr C and his Dad enjoyed them after the match.

Next up, Earthy Three, Canonmills.  I used to live in a flat with Mr C on Canon Street, so the area is familiar and wish Earthy was there when we were!

I had dropped the car off at the Beaverhall car wash for a valet, so was willing to go for cake whilst the guys were scrubbing my car clean!!  I first opted to go to the new Bake House on Broughton street but Earthy Three popped into my head!

The interior is warm and inviting.  The staff were friendly too, which is a good start!  The weather has been foul recently so it’s nice to see smiley faces to scare the rain away!

Anyway I opt for an Americano and Colin’s Lemon Drizzle Cake … went down a treat and then I bought myself plant – kind of like a giant bluebell!


                                                         Lemon Drizzle Cake

                                                   Cool Picture inside the Ladies!

                                                      Interior at Earthy Three

Saturday came and i already new what was on offer and that was to head to Dunbar! I invited Mr C’s brother for this excursion and the guys were told of the itinerary for the morning.

Some of the Edinburgh Cake Ladies have been mentioning this little Heaven.  It’s been getting quite a reputation as Ross Baxter is the Head baker and manager of the community run bakery and he won the the Scottish patisser of the year in 2011.

Arriving outside the shop I already see a good selection of breads are on show … it’s already looking good!


                                            Outside the Community Bakery!

Stepping into the shop, the smells wrap round you like a warm blanket – these smells don’t get any better!

The opt for pies, sausage rolls and a croissant, while i go for the sweet stuff: a Lemon Macaron and a French Brest!

Mr C said that was the best sausage roll he ever tasted and his brother and father really enjoyed their choices too!

The French Brest was lovely as was the Lemon Macaron … sorry I ate them and realised I hadn’t taken a damn photo!

Mind you the view from the East Beach was beautiful!


                                                Views from the East Beach, Dunbar

We needed to walk of this second breakfast so went along some part of the John Muir Way … all very nice but if you suffer from hay-fever like me, not a great idea!!

Lunch time arrived and we got in the car and headed along to Gullane.  We were lucky to get a table at The Old Club House.  We shared a platter of nachos and Calamari.  All very nice!  I ordered prawn linguine but wasn’t entirely satisfied as they cut the black tiger prawns up to get them “to cook faster”.   Never seen that with any prawn dish and I’m sure alot of other people would expect whole peeled prawns and not cut up!  it only takes 3-4 minutes for fresh prawns to be cooked!  Still ranting about that one 24 hours later!!

Cheering myself up I headed over to Falko and got some cake to takeaway!  I got four slices of the refreshing lemon & Blueberry slices.  Yes I shared with the guys!!

This afternoon my mum and I decided to leave Mr C and his Dad to their iPads and TV and opted to go to Smeaton Garden nursery, East Linton.

We picked up yet more plants and on that note I am scratching my head where I am going to put all my new additions! OOOOps!


                                        Some of the lovely plants at Smeaton Nursery

Mum mentioned that there was a lovely twee coffee shop in Tyninghame, near the Preston Mills – so we pressed on and got there with time to spare to get cake, coffee and a look around the lovely gift shop!

We shared a brownie and a cafetiere.  the brownie was lovely, gooey and chocolatey!

if you are down that way, pop in as all the cakes are homemade by the lady who runs the cafe and it’s twee and cosy too!


                                     Blueberry & Lemon Slice from Falko, Gullane

                          Brownie with cream and raspberry @ Tyninghame Coffee Shop

Wonder how much cake i can find in this coming week?


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