Mr C does Savoury!

Some of you may already know about my new Business venture – Mrs C’s Cakes and that it’s just about to launch …

But I’m not going to talk about that.  Oh no.  I’m going to talk about Mr C’s latest creativity in the kitchen.  Oh yes!

In the last week he has cooked most meals and now and again Mr C gets inspired and experiments!  

Friday just passed, Mr C cooked up a really good pasta sauce and used some of the spinach pasta swirls I purchased awhile ago!  It consisted of Lemon, Parmesan and olive oil.  Simple but very effective and very tasty!

Double treat on Saturday – We all know shop bought Guacamole is ok but by gee home made is outta this world.  Mr C makes his with two ripe Avocados, chilli, tomatoes, red onion and coriander. There isn’t anything better than fresh guacamole with some tortilla chips on a Saturday afternoon!  And for dinner he made “THE authentic Bruschetta”.

Most of us recognise Bruschetta as toasted bread with a tomato topping spread over it but it traditionally comes as roasted bread rubbed with garlic bread and topped with extra virgin oil, salt and pepper.  The popular recipe outside Italy that all know is – basil, fresh tomato, garlic and onion or mozzarella.  Is is used used to salvage bread that was going stale or in Tuscany to taste the first oils!  

Any way it worked perfectly on the griddle pan and it it as classic anytime we do a BBQ – such a good appetiser and a talking point for friends and family to get involved!

Today Mr C tried another new dish and boy did it well!  Hummus!  It is mega easy!  Chuck it to a blender and whizz the ingredients until you get the creamy consistenty you want!  YUM – fresh hummus!  Serve with salad and warmed pitta bread!  This will be done again!

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