The Crop – So Far!

Well this year hasn’t been the best weather for the veg and strawberries.

So far I’ve managed to salvage some strawberries from the slugs and snails.  Then attached the plastic covering to try and retain some heat to get the other strawberries to ripen, crossed fingers.

Then looking at the potatoes … still no flowers from the first early’s –  I’ve also planted ‘King Edwards’ for good old roasties!

The Runner Beans are having a mixed effect as planted two varities.  Red Emperors all but one have started to climb but only one of White Lady has appeared from the seedlings.  Still might have a bumper batch.

Just planted into the grow bag are 4 Zucchini seedlings.  Had a really good crop 2 years ago and you taste the difference!  plus we ate the flowers – I love the taste of the flowers! I always try and order them when we go to Rome!


This week I managed to stop coughing enough and plant the buddleia with some bedding plants into a nice wooden container but still trying to think where to locate it!


My flower bed at the back is really doing well.  The bees are loving the combination planting of nasturtiums and marigolds beside the runner beans and one of the eryngiums are coming out but the starts of the show are the beautiful begonias my Aunt bought me!


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