Bread In Fife? Yes Please!

Yesterday I jumped in the car and headed up to Freuchie, Fife to attend the Sourdough Bread class and was not disappointed!

Colin, Our teacher welcomed us into his home with a warm handshake (I’ll explain that bit in a minute or two) and introduced himself with a wee chat over a fresh brew about what we were going to accomplish.

He looked at all our our Sourdough starters and smelt their aromas … bit like wine and coffee tasting!

We started off with the Bread rolls.  We used Colin’s starter and added malt & strong white flour, warm water, fresh yeast, salt, butter.  It was very important to keep the mix warm, so it didn’t shock the sourdough starter.  We then left it for 60 minutes after kneading it for about 10 minutes!

Whilst the rolls were rising, Colin showed how to use the starter with out having to chuck it out by making pancakes!  Boy they were good!  Very nostalgic, as Mum used to do them lots when my brother and I were much younger!


Then we started making muffins from the starter.  Added to the starter – warm water, fresh yeast, sugar, strong white flour, salt, olive oil, egg and polenta (for dusting).  The consistency was very messy to work with!!  It took a bit of good kneading before we could leave it to rise.

Colin had a frame which had a heater at the bottom to helping the dough prove.

next we moved on to shaping the rolls and adding different seeds to the top.  we all got six rolls out of our dough.  I used poppy seed, sesame seed and malt seeds (2 of each!).  We then left them to prove for another 30minutes and then baked them!  The smell from the oven was phenomenal!

We had lunch in the garden as it was a glorious day!  We had cheese and sald with Colin Sour dough loaf he made that morning!  It was really delicious!  We talked about bread and he showed us some books he highly recommend – one was Dan Leopards’ and another was Bourke Street Bakery.

After lunch we baked the muffins of which i added polenta to the top of mine – it gave a lovely golden top.  Even though it was messy – I will try again as the taste was delicious!


Next we started on the Sour Dough Loaf recipe and this time I used my own yeast!  Yes I ventured into the unknown!  To the starter we added white flour and malt flour, warm water and sea salt.  We kneaded and left to prove and then had a we coffee break with the freshly baked muffins and homemade strawberry jam – No-mastic!

Half an hour later and it was a relief to come back in from the sun as it was just beating down!  My fair skin doesn’t take well to that heat!!  Back to proving and shaping.  This loaf was going to come home with us and was going to be left over night!  Colin told us that we would need to re-shape it when we got home and leave overnight before we baked in it the morning.

This morning at 7.30am I crossed the dough and put it on a preheated tray into a very hot oven and forgot about it … yes!  I Left it 10 minutes longer on the high heat than I was instructed to!  Hence the darker top!  I managed to rescue it tho by margin!


Fairly happy with my first attempt.  It has large air bubbles and a lovely taste to it!  And if it lasts, it will improve by flavour over the next day or so!

Btw Colin, I love the pond in your garden with pink and white lillies!  And thanks again for a wonderful educational day!


If you are interested in the Sourdough Day or any of the other Bread days, you can find out more at

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