Wowser Wednesday!

Yes. Wednesday afternoon was quite a wowser!

To start off I went to Castello Coffee to grab a caffeine shot, which was well needed.  Lovely flat white and really nice basic interior.


I then Met a close friend at the book festival.  We got tickets to see Alys Fowler (The Edible Garden & Gardener’s World) & Steve Bowner, A Bee Keeper.  Alys was launching her new book, “The Thrifty Forager”.  Aly’s talk consisted of photos of edibles you could find in your city that you could forage and eat.  Whilst Steve talked how he got started in Bee Keeping and where he is now.  

Both talks gave me things to think about especially in my Garden.  I am going to research Organic Seed Potato as they will not give off chemical that will harm the bees.  And to have more bee friendly flowers too.  I will also use less F1 vegetable varieties as bees don’t really tolerate them either.

After the talk I managed to get my “Edible Garden” book signed by Alys!


My friend and I headed down to the West End Craft Fair.  There is so much lovely things to choose from.  I ended up buying a lovely necklace made of clay.


We then went our separate ways as she had shows on later and was meeting her Hubby.  Mmmm what was I to do now?

I decided dinner was required and made the choice of burger!

Since I was at the west end I headed back on to George St to GBK (Gourmet Burger King).  I  have never been, so why not.

I decided on one of my favourite combos – Avocado & Bacon, the burger was of course BEEF!  I ordered a potion of rosemary fries.  To drink I had a refreshing Strawberry & Elderflower fizzy juice.


Service was fast, friendly & efficient and the burger was delish!

Perfect Afternoon out!

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