Broadwoodside Garden

As you know I love a trip somewhere new.  My mum discovered the Lammermuir festival and that one of the Gardens was open to visitors!

The Garden is Broadwoodside, just on the outskirts of the wee village of Gifford, but by gee the garden is in no manner of being small!

As you enter through a grass path and beautiful stone walls, you feel you float back to a Victorian kitchen garden era.  Might need to corrected on that but it just feel like a trip in time (in a good way!).

There were vegetable beds of oriental gourds, raspberries, herbs, carrots … I could go on but would be here for ages!  Immaculate beds as well.  In the middle of the garden was a long pond with lovely pink and white water lilies.

You then were at the top of the garden where you walked under the old red stone building into a court yard with honey suckle, roses, agapanthus, box hedge and the just up a few step you entered the second half of the court yard with a parrot house – which, yes had a lovely parrot inside!  This part of the courtyard seem to be more formal as was more on adesign element of boxed hedges and trees and part of the building allowed a sheltered outdoor dining area!



Through another door there was an apple orchard, a lavender bed, sculptures, chickens and a beautiful view of the Lammemuir Hills.


It’s worthwhile getting to these gardens behind closed doors as you can see design and the hard work that it takes to form such a garden and it’s on a massive scale!

Unfortunately no cake or coffee here but we did visit a wee coffee shop in Gifford that had some yummy caramel shortbread!


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