CaKe ClaSs: Week One

Week one survived and accomplished! It was good too as I learned a few good tips and facts.

In the class we were shown how to make paper piping bags using parchment.  I found it hugely difficult as it’s like origami (something i’ve never been good or especially patient with).  I finally got the jist of it but there is still some skill points to be earned there until I’m a pro.

We were then shown different ways in how to use water icing on good old digestive biscuits.  Then came the fun bit where we could unleash our creative part.  Quite amazed on the effects and the results just by using water icing and adding colours to it.


After the water icing came fondant icing but not the rolling out one.  This fondant icing is also called silicone icing and fondant fancies are covered with this.  Kathleen, our tutor showed us how to soften it by adding a equal mix of sugar and water which was heated up until the sugar was dissolved and then adding to the silicone to soften it.  it took a great amount of elbow grease to mix and soften it but the shine on it was lovely.

Again we were unleashed and instructed to play with the fondant, creating colours and patterns on the digestive biscuits.


Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend next week as I’ll be in Venlo with Mum to visited the Floriade Expo and it’s cupcakes 😦 – oh well will just have to practice!

We were instructed to start making our Christmas Cakes too, so I’ve chosen good old Delia’s Christmas cake recipe.


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