Cake Class: Week Three

This week we were making a cake handbag.  I’ve never tried doing this and looked forward to making such a cake – cake and bags, two of my fav things!

We started of with an 8 inch round cake.  Cut a third off and then cut in half.  Added buttercream and apricot jam to sandwich it together.  Then take the cake crumb off.

Then we turned the cake onto it’s side so it’s standing up.  It’s on a piece of greaseproof paper, so it’s easy to move when applying the buttercream covering.  The buttercream fills and smoothes all the holes and bumps.

Get you coloured fondant and roll, making sure you keep moving it to ensure it stays in a round shape and also it dosen’t stick to the surface – a little icing sugar helped here.

Then cover the cake with the fondant and pull out all the creases and smooth down – this is the tricky part!  I pulled some faces getting this bit right!

Once this bit was done i added a zip, trim and handles.  But this time we needed to tidy up.  The 3 hours go so fast!

Here is my first hand bag … first of many me thinks!  Of course some more time would help as felt a wee bit rushed and the finishing touch would have been better!


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