Flash Bake!

The weekend came and went with a flash … but it was filled with new bakes.

I made soda bread, a carrot cake, the stripy cake, banana loaf with a twist and a sausage casserole from scratch.

From now on, I’ll be making my own soda bread as it quick and easy to do.  I nailed it on my second attempt as the first wasn’t baked long enough in the oven.  The recipe was from “The Baker’s Brothers”.  I think I will do one of their variations on soda bread, like the thyme soda.  No more shop bought soda bread for me!

                                   soda bread

I’ve always had a bit of fear when it came to carrot cakes and making them, but found this recipe by Diane Weber.  When I started scouring the Internet I looked at the pictures that came with the recipes to see if they looked moist enough and this one seemed to fit the bill!  My mum came round after I mentioned I’d been baking, bringing a tin for takeaway goodies!  I gave a whopper of a slice with a coffee to her and she gave the thumbs up!  No crumb left on the plate!

                                    carrot cake

Lorraine Pascale’s “Crouching Tiger and Hidden Zebra” cake was one which I noted to do when I saw it on her latest TV series, “Fast, fresh and easy food”.  I used piping bags which was a bit of a fraf as the mixtures were running but it still had the effect.  Every couple of minutes you would get a waft of chocolate and orange, which was warming!

                                    stripy cake

Banana Loaf is one of my favourite bakes as I use any over ripe bananas in the house to avoid the bucket.  I opted for Mary Berry’s recipe for a change and added fudge pieces to give a banoffee taste.  It did but the fudge pieces seemed to fall to the bottom.  This I’ll have to rectify at a later date, but got thumbs up for taste from Vicky who was taking photos for a college project and allowing me to use them for the business.


We could’ve had a cake for dinner but had a sausage casserole recipe from Dan, which I saw on Lorraine.  It was straight forward and easy to do but took 45 minutes to simmer until it was ready to eat.  Tasty too but might take the peppers out for next time as didn’t really go with the dish.  I added diced carrots, just to give an extra veg. Also I might try and reduce it more or add less stock.

                                   SAUSAGE CASSEROLE

I enjoyed trying out all these new recipes and will try them all again!

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