10 years!

How can time go so fast?  I remember the day when I asked Mr C if we could make it official and call each other as the boy/girlfriend as if it was yesterday and I was so nervous.

Ten years later, we are still strong and having a laugh.

I remember our first meet.  It was Tapas Ole on Forrest Road (now where Mum’s Comfort Food is).  It was busy that night.  I didn’t know what to expect but always gave the benefit of doubt for first “dates”.  We chatted for ages over different tapas.  Little did I know this relationship would develop both food wise and length wise!

From date one, Mr C has opened my culinary eyes as I wasn’t that adventurous with food and shown me that there is more than pizza from the frozen aisle of the supermarket but fresh, tasty and cut to the square with many delicious toppings apart from ham & pineapple!

Not only I have tried new foods but I’ve been to places I never even thought of going to!  I love going to new cities and discovering a new ingredient as well as going snap happy with the camera.

Mr C has definitely been a rock to me, keeping me sane and happy! 

That decision on October 17th 2002 was the icing on the cake as the last 10 years has been the most eye-opening, exciting, fun, educational time of my life.  May the next ten years be the “feeding” of the cake!  I’m sure they will be even more flavour-able and exciting!


                    Me and Mr C at the “Rain Room” in the Barbican Museum, London.

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