Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2013 and I thinks it’s going to be a fantastic year on different levels.

January is already jam packed with events from jewellery demonstration at Women’s Rural Institute, Dirty Dancing and attending my first Yelp event!

Unfortunately the cold decides to attend right before the January Social calendar starts, so taking lemsip and using the nasal remedies to get me 100% again.  It’s day 2 of the cold and already sick of sneezing, but still going to stop moaning because at least I haven’t got this sick bug or flu that’s being passed around from pillar to post!

January also contains my birthday, and I can’t believe I will be 33!  I’m hoping to have a wee gathering with friends and family at The Papermill, Lasswade to celebrate.

This year I must lose weight as I aim to throw myself out a plane in New Zealand whilst we are over there for 3 weeks touring it.  I also must build Mrs C’s Cakes empire and become more organised.  2013 holds new and exciting things as I will be trying out new recipes and getting creative with decorating cakes.

I hope everyone’s 2013 is a blast and a happy one!

Happy reading xx


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