Gigi’s Italian Restaurant, Bonnyrigg

Well I have to to admit I wish I had been to this restaurant before now!

It’s great to have something like this on your doorstep.  Gigi’s Italian was first established over a year ago now and has won the title of being “The Best Place to Eat in Midlothian” and I can tell you it gives other places in Midlothian a run for their money as Gigi’s live up to this title!

I booked a table for 4 for my “Birthday Meal Out” through Top Table and was delighted with the service it provides.  At the table was my Mum, Dad, Mr C and of course the Birthday Gal … little old me!

The menu looked large but I’ve seen bigger … I was torn between starters but ended going with Bresaola Rucola, which was a good portion of finely cured beef with rocket leaves.  Everyone had a different starter and all were very pleased with what they had.


                                                        My Bresaola Rucola

Again Mains were just a delicious as all plates were cleared.  I ordered the Sofia Loren Pizza, whilst both Paolo and my Dad ordered Veal but different ways and my Mum ordered the Sea Bass which had a delicious sauce.  We all cleaned the plates, the portions were a good size too.


                   The Sofia Loren Pizza – Gorgonzola, Peppers and Balsamic Vinegar

Whilst were we contemplating dessert, the lady who owns the restaurant came over and asked if we enjoyed her meal.  It’s great to hear that it’s a local family that took such a huge risk to open a restaurant, but it’s paid off as all the tables were taken when we came in and it was only a Thursday night.  Unfortunately I didn’t catch her name but she recommended the Tiramisu which was made in house by one of the staff members and it was gorgeous.  Both Paolo and Mum had the Tiramisu but I managed to try a piece of my Mums, as I typically went for the chocolate fudge cake which was nice.


                                                  The Homemade Tiramusu


                                                  The Chocolate Fudge Cake

Ok, so what it’s not in town but a wee trip on the No. 49 bus and you are there.  There is a bus stop on both sides of the road, just slap bang outside the restaurant itself.  The ambience is lively and you have the odd Italian waiting singing along with the music.  It’s family owned and has the options of gluten free too.  I will be going back here as there are so many dishes I would like to try.  We were all impressed with with quality and the quantity of the dishes. 

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