To loop or not?

On Wednesday i was asked if I wanted to have the a loop system stored into my new hearing aids when I have them fitted.  Yes! The wait is now nearly over and I will hopefully getting my new hearing aids in the next weeks.  

I’ve decided to go back to to “behind the ear” as I think I will experience less condensation in the ear as I get with my current ones.  I’m also due new ones too as these oldies are getting to the extent of too many repair jobs in the last year.

The “Loop System” can be seen advertised at most cinemas and most Theatres and can also be used on the phone.  i don’t really need it for either the cinema or theatre but there are times on the phone where it is frustrating because either the line is bad or the person at the other end of the phone doesn’t speak clearly or louder or both.  I think it would help  regarding telephone conversations and it can also cut background noise.

Currently a lot of people I meet don’t notice my hearing aids until I point it out.  It’s has it’s plus points but it’s also annoying.  I tend to find conversations in busy enviroments hard to stick too, especially when it comes to more than one or two people.  I tend to end up drifting in and out of the conversations much to my annoyance and those around me!

So I may end up going with “The Loop” as it might help me stick with the conversation!!


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