Trying to steer clear of the sweet stuff …

but failing big time!

This diet isn’t easy, I mean they never are.  And in this case it’s difficult because i make cake for a living so when something is for sampling my guards are down as i want to make sure that the cake i’ve baked is tasty before my samplers try it!

I’m trying to count calories, this is easy when I’m at home … hold on no it’s not, because the cupboards are still full of biscuits and goodies that I refuse to chuck (I hate food waste) ahh!

So I’m trying to cook meals and freeze them ahead to know what kcals and fat goes into them. I’ve tried a few of the Rosemary Conley recipes and a couple are winners but a couple I’ll leave as the taste didn’t do anything for me or Mr C.  The Beef Bourguignon and the Baked Bean Casserole was nice.  However the Fish Pie was a let down.

Another recipe I’ve tried is the Ricotta Penne Pasta and it was lovely.  I’m going to introduce it to Mr C on Wednesday and see if he likes it.  The base is made with a good bunch of fresh basil leaves, Stock and ricotta.  It was a winner with my Mum and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I’m on the hunt for Bury’s Black Pudding as it’s low in fat and want to do the recipe for RC’s Black Pudding Risotto – I love risotto but i know with the butter, parmesan and main ingredient it can be quite high in fat and kcals which is what I’m trying to avoid.  Having been on the Bury’s website I now know I can order directly from them – woohoo but the down side is the delivery charge.  This comes after searching the major supermarkets and phoning up customer services – yes I want this specific BP!!!

So this week I’m going to make more Beef Bourguignon and then Cajun Chicken Casserole from the RC recipes to fill the freezer.  

This week I’ve been falling off the wagon … going to try and turn it around before Tuesday’s weigh in … oh my!

Disclaimer:  These opinions are my own. 

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