Firstly I’d like to …

Apologize, for letting my blog slip under a mountain of dust.

Mrs C’s Cakes has been getting rather quite busy as of late and the baking has been mounting up.  I’m now supplying to 4 cafes, which keeps me busy and outta trouble!  I’m loving it and relish the daily challenge.  keeping things fresh on the cake front is a constant battle as looking at new recipes and deciding what would work for the business.

Very shortly I will be introducing a new product, which will be fun and tasty.  If you would like to keep up with the news ‘Like’ the Facebook page and you can also follow me on twitter.

New Zealand was amazing and their was some fab cakes! I was speechless when it came to the captivating scenery – it took my breath away!  i have so many photos but need to go through them and set a few to show you!

I’ve been busy out in the garden too as I bought about 30 plants and had to get them into the ground!  Plus I managed to get an additional 20 strawberry plants from my original crop.  I’ve also bought Lemon Verbena Herb, which I’m going to use in shortbread for a summery touch! (I’ll blog about that at a later date).  Courgette plants are settling in and the Cosmos seedlings are just coming up.  You could say the garden is a hub of activity! My tulips looked amazing in the tubs this year – so colourful, but they are now over (sad face) but here is a photo of one variety – which was my favourite!


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