A little road trip …

Scotland has so much to offer and I’ve lived here all my life but haven’t seen vast amounts of this beautiful landscape and what it has to offer.  I’ve thinking about road trips a lot recently (I think I’ve caught the bug after NZ) to The Hebrides, Skye, Oban.  Last Sunday I met a fellow Yelper, at Lock Up Coffee on Broughton Street Lane and found out that she has seen more of Scotland than I have.  My “Where Next” Travel list is getting longer by the day as this world has so many exciting places to see.  But I think I ought to give Scotland a Staycation chance and visit places that fairies exist!

Yes, I did say Fairies!  My grandparents were great at captivating my imagination as well as my brothers’.  Stories of the trolls under bridges and the Fairies that lived in the Old Silver birch tree are just a couple of my favourites from my childhood.  I’ve recently learnt that Skye has some fairy  pools and they look spectacular.  Some you can swim in and some are great visually for photographs.  Then there is the Inner and Outer Hebrides – the photos I have seen have just increased my hunger to go and see this beautiful, wild part of the world.  

Rabbies Trails offer a one day to the West Highlands and Castles for £44, so I might just treat myself to a wee trip.  Saves driving myself and getting all tired and fed up.  They offer longer trips to the hebrides too and from all the yelp reviews, they are really good. On that note, I’m really getting into yelp and the community that comes with it.  You meet so many people from different walks of life and so interesting too. Watch this space and i’ll fill you in when I’ve done it!

Disclaimer: All views are my own

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