Pork and a ton of it!

Saturday past and Mr C went to the local butchers to collect his pork shoulder, a whopper of meat!  The butcher is super, as he offered to score it so we could get the crackling too!

I was at St Market selling my cakes and meeting new faces and old faces – it was a great day with lots of great feedback!  So coming home to a house smelling of pulled pork was heaven (sorry veggies and vegans).  

The pork fell of the bone and was so tender and tasty.  We have loads left, so portioned it out into freezer boxes for future meals. The pork shoulder was on the bone and cost about £24 – so when you divide that by 6, it’s a pretty good price for good meat and a meal.


So far we’ve had pork risotto, which we used the stock/jelly from the roast – it was packed full of flavour.  I’m going to make some soup with the reminder stock for these colder days!

Later this week, I think we are going to have ragu with a portion of the pork so will post pics of that!

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