London Calling, London Calling!

Me and my Ma have been talking a lot of the Big Smoke, down South. Nothing is booked yet but have a few good ideas of what I would like to do whilst we are there.  Mr C mentioned that there is a site called airbnb, which lets out accomodation, private rooms or shared rooms – which might work our better than a hotel and far more cheaper.  I found one in the Shoreditch area, which looks fairly decent and is in a nice central area too. My Ma is really interested in doing a intensive diploma course in Floral Art. It’s a five day course which leaves me with the thought of exploring London and it’s hidden treasures.  I thought about doing a metal clay course at the London School of Jewellery, whilst I’m down (note to self: must check out dates with courses!!)  I’m already getting a bucket list of things to do and suss out.

1. Wahaca – this is a must if you like mexican street food, i love the flavours and the vibe.  Anytime I’m in London I have to go at least once.

2. Food Markets – just to feel the buzz and smell the aromas.  i love trying out things at stalls, especially food!

3. Recently found out thanks to Tom Kerridges’ Proper Pub Food on BBC2, which is on Monday nights and is a feast for the eayes and then a torture for the stomach (hungry all over again)!!!  There is a small stall on Maltby Street which sells Salt Beef on a massive sandwich. I think this happens on a Saturday and I have to get in QUICK!

3. Covent Garden – I like the vibe of this area, lots of twee shops including the Ladurée, which sells devine macarons!  Hopefully I will catch the market and see what it has in store!

4. Ms. Cupcake – Vegan cupcakes and cakes galore.  This very highly rated on Yelp! and I have just bought her book and it’s filled with recipes and stunning pictures.  I’m eager to taste the cupcakes!  The shop is based in Brixton.

5. Violet, Primrose and Hummingbird are on my cakey list too!  Ohhh feeling excited!


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