Time to sew sew, Week One!

Since I inherited my Gran’s lovely sewing machine it’s been sitting collecting dust because I’m just scared to use it and didn’t know where to start!

All that is now about to change as I’ve enrolled on the Bead Shop Scotland’s “Beginner’s Sewing Machine Workshop”.  

Last night was my first class out of the six week course and I really enjoyed it.  Our teacher, came round everyone if we had questions, got stuck and kept us on the right stitch, quite literally!  The first project was to make a purse with a zip.  I’ve never dealt with a zip on a sewing machine before, so this was a first! There were basic instructions which were clear but even then I got myself into a pickle sorting the material (inside and out) to the zip, thank goodness there was someone to get me out of it!! 

Cake (chocolate! )was involved, and much talk of my cakes too – well once they found out there was no stopping them asking questions!!

I left with a sugar high and wonderful handcrafted purse!

The outside of the bag I choose this nice blue flowery fabric to match the zip!  (Yes, the zip!)

I added a wee tartan ribbon to the zip – cute eh!?

The inside of the purse is a red and white checker – I like how I matched the materials together – ooooh look at me!

All the materials are included in this class and you can use the machines there or bring your on along.  I think it’s good value for money and with 4 people in a class, you’re not stuck for long!

Disclaimer: All views are my own!


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