My Cake Date

Last Saturday I attended a course at Mrs Jone’s Kitchen.  The course was featuring tutoring on how to cover square cakes, make ruffles, adding colour to the fondant, covering a cake with ganache and making a stunning rose.

The course was well detailed and pretty full with other cake ethusiasists. We had Simone and Sheila (AKA Mrs Jones) to keep us right!  

It was quite intense as there was alot to cover during the day.  By 4pm I could feel myself struggling and I was chucking the coffees and chocolate no bake cake down to stay awake!

Sheila always makes me feel welcome and I have to say I love her house – ok I’ve only seen the bottom half of it – but it’s like a tasty cake! 

Before the course I had never covered a square cake as I wasn’t to sure how to go about it, even after watching videos on a certain video channel I still wasn’t confident in doing such a task.  Two of the tiers are fake cakes and the middle one is the real cake, so had a go at both and now feel confident at covering square cakes, although you have to be a bit more delicate with the fake bases as they are sharper on the edges, but that will come with practice! 


                                                Pretty Pastels

I’ve down a rose before with Mrs Jone’s so this bit was easy to get right. The bows were a little tricky though!  I had to do one again and I wish I did the other one as I can see it pulling!  But that comes down to practice!

  The top bow went a bit wonky, lets just say I was defeated at this point!

Ruffling fondant was fun and after a few attempts I had it, actually I can’t wait to paint the edges with dusting powder next time I do this on a cake and see the effect!

I’m going to try doing the square and some round cakes and use some the techniques I’ve used!  I’m excited all ready!

                             The Ladies and our spectacular cakes!  

Ok the courses aren’t cheap but I do feel you get all the support as the classes are small.  Sheila is always on hand if you are stuck.  I have a list of courses I want to do, so must get saving!!  I really enjoyed this course, the end acheivement is simply stunning!

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