Sew a little more …

As you know I started a block of Beginners sewing machine classes with the bead shop scotland but this week I have an extra date with the sewing machine and it’s with suki sew.

I purchased this class via groupon a while back after the lovely miss smidge posted it on facebook.  Unfortunatly I choose the bag class and miss smidge went for the skirt and only realised after!  Ooops.  

Due to issues with groupon booking system both our classes were postponed until this month.  Kind of a blessing in disguise to me as my previous months have been hectic with cake festivities and are about to go mad again with the christmas scene just around the corner.

With a couple of cancellations in our class there was only two of us (me and another lovely lady) and the lovely Kyla, our tutor.  Great stuff – more one to one time during the class.

Our project was to make a bag using basic stitches and instructions with the sewing machine.  All the fabric was cut for us all though you can bring you’re own (you need to have it all pre-cut to the sizes, or pop into the shop before the class and pay £2).  The fabric kit was £11 and isn’t included in the deal.

Please excuse the photos as i used my iphone!

I had my eye on a lovely macaroon paris style, lemon and a flowery “Rebecca” fabric.  Unfortunaly there was limited amouts of fabric cut which was a shame as I had to go for the other flowery patterned for the handles.


                       The Macaroon Fabric – says Oh la la la laaaaaa to me!

Catastrophe It was indeed!!

I’m happy with my finished bag, ok handles could be changed but I’ll make another bag!  Possibly do a few for shhhhhh xmas pressies too.


                                         The lemon fabric


               The inside, now the outside as the bag itself is reversabile!

At the end we were treated to scones and jam and there were as fresh as can be (just not long out of the oven!!) and they were spectacular!  Well and truly delish!

I’m definitely thinking of doing a dress making course as I would love to make a couple of dresses for myself and really use the skils that I am picking up (a double bonus).  I’m hoping to secure a place on the Adults Education programme with Edinburgh Council come January 2014.

Disclaimer: All views are my own!

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