It’s Cushion time!


Thursday passed and back at the Bead Shop Scotland Studio, Sheena our teacher gave us instructions on how to make a 50x50cm cushion cover. Remembering my first ever cushion I made (and I’ve still got it) from Primary School (now that’s making me feel old!!) which I sewed together by hand.  It’s pretty cool and it’s still in good nick and in use in our home. 


I spotted a lovely fabric from the pile of material that we could choose from. It’s one from John Lewis but unfortunately I’ve been unable to source the name of it and looks like John Lewis online no longer stock it.  I might pop into the Edinburgh store and ask if they know of it’s name!  Anyway I liked the colours and it’s organic nature theme.

Firstly came the cutting out of the fabric for the pattern and as there wasn’t loads I had to alter where the zip was going to go – no biggie.  Basically one big square, two rectangles and 2-3 meters of 1 and 1/2 inches for the piping.  Next thing was to sew the two rectangles together and press the seems down.  Then I added the zip, placing it in the middle of the seem (don’t worry this seem gets unpicked!)  and gets sewn into place!  I then added the piping to the big square of fabric, once I had placed the piping into the meters of fabric I had prepared earlier.  

Great!  Now remember and unzip your zip otherwise you won’t be able to turn the cover inside out!  OK here goes, securing the whole thing together and turning it the out.


I am looking forward to making making more cushion covers – think it would be briliant for any present and it’s great that’s it handmade too!


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