Pick up a Pancake!

Yesterday morning and this morning has been joyful!  Not only was it Mr C’s birthday yesterday but we had pancakes for breakfast too!  I then decided what the heck this morning and did another batch!

I use the recipe I’ve known since I was little.  My little (in age, not in height by all means) Brother and I used to do this when we came back from school and slap chocolate spread and syrup on them!  

The original recipe comes from the beautiful Be-Ro booklet – it’s so retro! It’s been used so often, particuarly when it comes to scones and the dropped scones (aka thick pancakes!)

I add another 2-3 tbsps of milk to the batch and leave out the lemon essence as I feel it doesn’t need it and we’ve never added it to the past batches!

4 oz of SR flour, 1/2 oz of marg, 2 oz caster sugar, a pinch of salt (it says a quater teaspoon but I find this too much!), an egg (I use LARGE!) and about 9-10 tbsps of milk!

Add the flour and the marg and mix together (like little breadcrumbs!), then add the sugar and the salt and mix, beat the egg and milk together and add to the dry ingredients and whisk by hand until all combined. Don’t worry about the wee lumbs as I think this is the marg and this will melt once the batter hits the hot pan!

I do big pancakes, so roughly measure about 2-3 dessert spoons pouring on to the medium to hot pan – I use a non-stick so don’t have to use any butter!  


Once bubbles start to appear all over then turn the pancake over (I use a silicone spatula to prevent scraping the non-stick pan!).

Wait 1-2mins and the pancake should be golden!

Take of the pan and do this procedure about 6-8 times (for big pancakes!).

Enjoy with chocolate spread, honey and a whole host of delicious combos!

Be-Ro still do the booklet for a small fee. 

Disclaimer: All views are my own!


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