Sew: Week 3

Back at the Bead Shop Scotland and this week we were making a sewing case!  

I’m seeing that the projects are getting a wee bit trickier as we are going through the weeks!  But I’m also seeing that I’m using some things that I learnt in the cushion and purse class with this class.  That’s good – it’ll be harder to forget!


My purse: Week one


My Cushion: Week two

Excuse the photos please – iphone comes in handy for quickness!  

So we were told to get 3 a4 bits of fabric, another a4 of felt, two small squares of fabric for a pin cushion and some more for a needle booklet.  

First we made the made cushion out of the two squares of fabric. Machine sewed it 3 and half sides round, leaving the other half to get the cardboard square (I’ll explain this in a moment) and stuffing in (as much as I can!).  Then to hand sew the remaining half (The lovely Sheena did this for me as I was running behind!).  I started doing the fabric book for the needles first and came up with a different way of doing it and came out quite quirky but there are a few things I would change if I were to do pouch this again including taking a bit more time!


The Needle Booklet and the Pin Cushion!

Then we made the zipped pocket – that’s were small scissors and the stitch picker etc can go!  That was quite easy.  You could actually made lots as make-up bags – great christmas present idea!  That was one of the a4 sized fabrics that I attached the green zip to each end and then iron the fold into place to place where I wanted the zip.   The pocket then got sewn into place onto the other piece of fabric and felt, whch you have to sew before hand!  I love the green zip against the heart fabric.



Zip it UP!

Once the pocket is in place, you can attach the pin cushion and the needle booklet.  The pin cushion was attached at 2 corners onto the main fabric and the booklet was attached by machine sewing as in binding the book to the fabric again.  I then attached a button and ribbon so the needles can keep secure in the book!


Button up!

There is a bit of carboard in the pin cushion to stop the pins from stabbing anyones fingers if the pouch were closed!  Neat idea – eh!

We added the binding to the sides but I have finish it as ran out of time and then just tidy it up!  Will post a photo on Sew: Week 4 to show you the finished result!


The Binding


The outside cover

Next week we are going to be doing a handbag – MEGA EXCITED!  Love a handbag!


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