A little mixed up.

It’s been a roller coster of emotions this week, with seeing my Gran, car failed it’s MOT and needs a bit of tender loving care, the ground almonds scare.  Yeah kinda a downwards spiral.

My lovely Gran on a better day xx

Seeing my Gran is highly emotional as she isn’t mobile and can’t quite make a conversation any more.  It breaks my heart into tiny pieces seeing her lying there as I remember how independent she was.  My brother and I are so lucky to have a Gran who was so active with us and always pushing us to go that little further and believing in us.  Now it’s really hard to see her struggling day to day with the basics.

I think that was the catalyst that made the small things like the car and the ground almonds seem big.  All I need it to breathe deep and just let it all out.  I know my gran isn’t going to get better but it’s hard seeing her like that. 

Tonight I have a sewing class and have to drive a 4×4 drive down to Haddington and it’s automatic.  So hoping it’s going to be non eventful there and back to class!  Hoping it’s just going to help me chill not literally!  I’m going to begin to make an a-line skirt tonight and I’m rather looking forward to it.

My ride for tonight, hold on tight!

Ok now breathe,

Emma xx

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