The Beach House @ Portobello


Looking out on to the Firth of Forth x

In the last month I’ve visited the neat little establishment on Portobello’s Promenade a handful of times.  The Beach House looks out onto the Firth of Forth and whether it’s raining or shining it seems to cheer me up as there is just something magical about being beside the seaside.  One of the reasons to why I’ve visited this place so much is that we are in the midst of gutting out my Aunt’s flat before putting it on the market for her as the last tenant, let’s say wasn’t respectful in any way to be desired.  It’s handy as it’s just round the corner and helps warm my body up from being in the cold flat!  

The Beach House does a fab panini, tart and soup of the day as well as incredible delicious range of cakes, of which some are gluten and wheat free.  Please note these are NOT Mrs C’s Cakes!

Here are just some of the treats I’ve had recently!


Scone and Jam!


Almond Croissant and Flat White


Lemon & Pistachio Loaf: Gluten & Wheat Free (Mmmm me want more!)


Lemon Curd Cake – Wheat and Gluten free too and truly scrumptious!


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