Wooo hooo!

After a little research on the internet I found out that I could import all my past posts from tumblrto my new WordPress blog.  I found this via a search using “moving a blog from tumblr to WordPress” in the search bar.  I was a bit worried at first, but it couldn’t off been simpler.  109 post and 2 drafts were imported without a glitch under 5 mins – woo hoo.

The thought of leaving all my fun posts behind was sad to say the least.  There were quite a few hours or days input in each post, so it would have been such a waste if you lovelies weren’t able to just skip back and find a post with ease.

Tumblr seems to have removed the ease of resizing images and spell check on the main tool bar, which to me was rather annoying as these were two of the main things I used.  So I came to a conclusion one day in the last month that things needed to change fast to make life a little easier as it’s hard enough sometimes without complex jargon!

So here we are.  All my old posts and new posts are under one WordPress platform – Wonderful!  And I figured it out by myself – Go me!

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